Paulo Guimaraes


Bronx, NY


BIO: What can I say to entice you, I led a good life, spoiled child, had all I needed, Middle class existence. However, one thing that haunted my world was my depression. From low self-esteem to no urge to work a thankless job, I have felt the noose tighten around my neck. And in my 40 years on this planet, it still remains. Solace came first in the form of poetry, where my emotions could flow as the river onto the writing pad. Music was also there, a way to distract and join in with others, although, my introversion lingered in the background. Three years ago I discovered my now self-imposed therapy, my wonderland of exstacy, the capture of my bitterness and delightful days. Whether it extends from brush to canvas, from camera to the mind's eye, or the smartphone to the computer, I was found. For all of you, I share the inner workings of my being, all that I observe and record from each and every day. Please enjoy it in what ever way possible, but do please remember.


Art and photography:

-"Colors" exhibition (2010), special recognition for "The Speed of Light," www.lightspacetime.com

-"Lanscape" exhibition (2011), "Davenport Park", www.softcanvas.com

-"Art Takes Times Square" exhibition (2012), NY,NY (In the heart of Times Square)

-"Cityscapes" exhibition (2012), special recognition for "Bridges in NYC," www.lightspacetime.com

-"Open" exhibition (2012), special recognition for "No Exit," www.lightspacetime.com

-November exhibition (2012), www.projekt30.com

-December exhibition (2012), www.projekt30.com

-"Nature" exhibition (2013), special recognition for"Davenport Park 1," www.lightspacetime.com

-"Abstracts" exhibition (2013), special recognition for "Untitled," www.lightspacetime.com

-April exhibition (2013), www.projekt30.com

-"Exposure" exhibition (2013), See.Me gallery in Long Island City, NY

-"Uninhibited-exhibition of art created on smart phones (2013)-Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in Red Hook, NY (September 21-October 21)

-"Creatives Rising" exhibition (2013), See.Me gallery in Long island City

-"Open" exhibition (2013), Special Merit for "Brooklyn Bridge," www.lightspacetime.com

-Art Voyage NYC-(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-Voyage-NYC/404493429679303) group exhibition (Lair Lounge-201 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012)

-See.Me/Scope Miami-group exhibition (Dec.3-8) 2013

-SoHo Arthouse- Celebration! group exhibition (Dec.5-12) 2013

-SoHo Arthouse- Sprung! group exhibition (March 10-16) 2014

-"Abstracts" exhibition (2014), Special merit for "Untitled 2," www.lightspacetime.com


-The Wandering, the Finding, Cafe De Soul (May 2011), www.cynicmag.com

-Untitled, Cafe De Soul (July 2011), www.cynicmag.com


Handmade art oil paintings acrylic paintings oil pastels soft pastels

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Digital Art

Abstract Series

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